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We, the members of this alliance, hereby pledge our dedication and support for continual and common access to the marine fisheries; for freely using and exercising the trade of fishing upon Rhode Island waters; and for the conservation and proper use of those food resources. Join today and become a member of the largest fisheries organization in the State of Rhode Island!

Your support is greatly appreciated and allows us to pursue our mission statement of promoting and protecting access to the Rhode Island commercial marine fisheries. The Rhode Island Fisherman's Alliance is a 501 (c)(4) nonprofit organization and, as such, your contribution is not tax deductible.

How will your dollars be utilized?

The Rhode Island Fishermen's Alliance is a non-profit organization. Every dollar is spent on the direct preservation of the Rhode Island fishery and its resources. This happens in a variety of ways:

  • Collecting comparative data from research teams to challenge existing and dated research upon which current regulations are based. Regulations, which if not changed, will destroy our Rhode Island fishing industry.

  • Contracting legal professionals whose specialty focuses on the specific laws that are designed to protect the commercial fisheries.

  • Appearing in court and filing appeals against the National Marine Fisheries Service in order to have outrageous and unconstitutional charges dismissed, as well as previous verdicts overturned.

In order to obtain these goals, we must change the laws and regulations of the National Marine Fisheries Service. With change and reform, we could accomplish the following:

  • The Rhode Island Seafood Industry generated $347 million into our state economy last year. This is a figure that could easily be doubled or even tripled with law and regulation reform. More importantly, it could amply feed the population of starving people in our state. The fish we are required to throw overboard could make food shortage in Rhode Island a thing of the past.

  • The continual creation of a unified network of fishermen, catching a variety of plentiful stock which can be marketed and sold locally to any and all businesses in need of a steady supply of fresh caught local fish. A substantial boost of dollars into our economy!

  • Ultimately, build this organization to a level of national recognition which will invoke reform of this historic industry coast to coast.